The Land of the Thunder Dragon is a spectacularly picturesque country and people. Despite being a small country, squeezed between India and China, Bhutan has retained its unique, colourful culture and heritage. Archery is the most important sport in Bhutan, and you may see a tournament in play, or watch local boys throwing darts at targets. The wooden targets are small and when an archer or dart player strikes the target, the team sings and performs a dance.

Bhutanese law requires the population to wear the national costume during business hours. The men wear robes, called gho's, and the women wear kira's, bright hand-woven long skirts with a blouse, and a short jacket. Most households in Bhutan have a loom, and kiras, yatra and silk on silk, and other hand loomed products can be purchased during your visit. In fact, woven fabrics are one of the country's biggest exports.

We fly over Bhutan's snow-capped mountains, forested valleys, and its distinctive brown and white painted houses before arriving at Paro's beautifully painted dzong-style airport. After settling at your hotel, you can stroll around Paro, visit Paro dzong and monastery, or take a short drive and hike up to the famous Tiger Nest monastery.